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June - 17 - 10 months free from self harm - sill going.

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18 Apr  20

Honesty hour


Ask me things and I’ll answer everything, nothing will be deleted

11 Apr  7


do you even realize that your parents are getting older too?

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hi :)

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I’m playing oblivion and I stole a wheel of cheese from a store and then like 2 hours later I’m in an oblivion gate drowning in lava and a guard swims up to me and is like “stop right there”. My bounty is 5 gold and this dude is on fire trying to arrest a cheese thief

Javert-level shit right there

11 Apr  44535


imagine a horror movie where you’re trapped in your house with a serial killer but all your lights are clappers

so you’re running for your life from this psychopath while both of you are just aggressively clapping the lights on and off

11 Apr  89383


if you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you

11 Apr  387800
Me: oh thats cute
*checks price tag*
Me: no its not
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10 Apr  773
    You think it’s always better to know the truth. I’m telling you, this time you don’t wanna know it.
— (via luchezarav)
10 Apr  26
10 Apr  82
Rachel recently lost the love of her life. This was someone that she was with in High School and thought she’d always be with. They broke up and she believed they would eventually find their way back to each other and they won’t. Then we have Quinn getting back with Puck, someone that she has a history with that started at McKinley, and Mercedes getting back with Sam, someone that she also has a history with that started at McKinley. They’re getting their second chance to make it right and that’s never going to happen for Rachel and Finn. It has to be painful for her to see that. (x)
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Daily dose of love quotes here

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Transformation time


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